How do I know if I'm ugly or not?

I look in the mirror and am disappointed most of the time

i get attention from very attractive guys that id never think I could get

that just makes me more self conscious like there perception of me is deluded and what they're looking at isn't what I see but I'm scared they will see how hideous I actually am.. If this makes since..

So how do I know?


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  • Are you a girl?

    You're beautiful. Really, I'm not just saying that. I've never seen an ugly girl. And you seem nice. As long as you're nice, you're beautiful. Your personality shines through.


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  • Ok, one thing to always remember is that WE ARE OUR OWN WORST CRITIC! It is so true. What you see in the mirror and what anyone else sees in you is vastly different. For example, before I started in sports and working out in the gym, I was a pudgy kid. I hated it with a passion when I had to take my shirt off, especially in front of girls, for example like swimming. Then I started to work out. Now, I have a good body that I get compliments on, however, when I look in the mirror, I always see that, man, I need to work on my abs, I still see some flab that I need to get rid of. That pudgy kid is no longer here, but I still see him in the mirror, even though I know its not true. Also, I see myself as a 5, a totally average looking guy, but I have been told my several of my girl (friends) that I'm like at 8, maybe 9. Don't get down on yourself. Improve all that you physically can, I did. Its helps with your self image, but is really comes down to how you really see yourself.

    Look, if your getting attention from guys, then believe me, they see someone who is really attractive. Look at some of the other girls around, plenty of them DON'T have guys giving them ANY attention.

    • Thank you I understand I work out on and off and usually do feel a bit better when I am and began to see changes. Just too lazy to stick with it lol

  • Let me tell ya, that attitude is the deal breaker, not your looks. You are what you are and guys accept that when they see you. Its that attitude of constantly wanting and needing self assurance that will put guys off.

    Believe or not, people like it when you consider THEIR feelings, not just you making it about yourself. They have problems just like you but have the guts to put it aside to pursue happiness.

    So stop looking into the mirror and start looking into your soul. That's where the real problem lies.

    • Downvotes from QA usually mean you've struck a chord they don't want to hear.

    • I didn't down vote you I understand. Jus dk what to reply because I'm unfortunately selfish XD

  • you wouldn't be getting that sort of attention from guys if you were ugly. they think you are attractive. you probably have more self confidence issues. if guys are looking at you all the time, you must an attractive a girl. no guy is going to look at if you are ugly or give you attention.

    if you have that problem, you must find the root to your problem what's causing you think so badly of yourself. and work on them.

  • nobody's ugly, it's all about confidence.

    be proud of who you are, and take it from there <3

    • "Nobody's ugly" - They are ugly people out there. Confidence plays a part but it's not all about it.

    • There are*

    • I know there are some, but if you like the question asker

      just doubt if some people would find you ugly.

      nobody is "ugly" if they just think that, is what I meant. ^-^

  • you wouldn't be getting the attention if you were really ugly. that attention doesn't matter though until you can resolve your self esteem issues within yourself


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  • You wouldn't be getting attention if you were ugly looking. Just remember that we are more harsh on ourselves when it comes to the perfect female or male.

    Have confidence. That's the key to looking attractive. If you feel confident on the inside, it rubs off in a positive way on the outside.

  • At least you get attention from other guys.

    My mirror shows me that I'm ugly everyday.. - And mirrors don't lie?