Guys - What does it mean/why do you....

Take so long to reply back to your girlfriends messages/not reply back the same day?

Just wondering why you do this when you say to your girlfriend that you care about her, like her a lot etc.


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  • Guys who operate more logically are more likely to have rational resolutions to a variety of issues. For this reason, time for guys may seem to pass at a different rate than for girls.

    As an example, a guy waiting for a girl to call him might think:

    She might call me. I'd enjoy it. She might not call me. That'd be a bummer. If she really cared about me, eventually she'll get in touch with me. It's clear, the onus is on her to call. Worrying is not going to change the outcome.

    A girl (or a guy who's more emotional) might think:

    I wonder when he's going to call. What's taking him so long? Maybe he wants to call but he's too shy. What if he got in an accident or met some other girl?

    You can easily see how time appears to pass differently depending on your anxiety level. Communicate to your boyfriend that time passes differently for the two of you so that he knows 1 of your days is 3 days (but only when you're worrying about something unsettled).


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  • Everytime I've waited a certain amount of time to reply to my girlfriends messages was purposely just to let her mind wander, especially if I was feeling not appreciated by her recent actions or attitude towards me!. gotta protect ya own neck :D. Most of the time it doesn't matter what I'm doing I can reply...whether I choose to or not is of course at my own discretion. I know it sounds bad, but when I'm mR. nice guy all the time I believe I deserve to be treated with the same respect!.

  • i try to reply to any message I receive from anybody ASAP.

    sometimes he may be distracted or busy.

    does he have a job?


    hang with friends a lot?

    texting in public is rude.

    he may be waiting for a special moment of solitude to reply...

  • sometimes guys are just busy.

  • There is an expert video explaining this. Watch it.

  • ...

    Clearly I was born in the wrong decade. People worry and own some pretty not needed things. Text messaging, Facebook'in and MySpace'in is the way things are all about these days that are so ridiculously talked about. 'He was txt'ing me and now he isn't! OMG, LOL, IDK...'

    I realize thar marvel of communication today makes things instant but give it at least a day break. If you really want to keep tabs on him use Google Latitude, it honestly tracks his cell phone whereabouts.


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  • well one guy said that he loves me.. but he doesn't reply to my messages at all.. only in summers.. I don't get it either :D

  • guys are lazy sometimes and they like to make us wait