What's going on.. What should I do?

I seem to get more compliments in person then on Facebook.. the thing is the pictures that I put on my Facebook is when I'm actually wearing make up and when I'm out in shopping or something I'm mostly never wearing make up .. Does that mean I'm prettier with out make up but then I have acnee & its better now I don't have much just some scars .. I'm still so confused .. what does this mean?// What should I do? & I have a lot of freinds on Facebook but then why is it that all my compliments come from out of the virtual world?


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  • It means that (as much as girls refuse to believe it's true) guys are not that impressed by make up. Less is more. Natural is often better.

    But hey, it's not you'll believe this either, despite the evidence...

    • I don't wear make up to the extream as in make up I mean mascara a little blush and eyeliner


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  • Part of it is going to be that there are a billion cute girls who have their pics up on FB, but in the real world, when you're walking around, you don't have nearly as much competition. Unless you're posting nudes or near-nudes on FB, lots of guys are just going to pass your pics over for the girls who do, for example.

    So, I'm not sure that you can really compare FB and the real world in this way.

  • Maybe your FB pics aren't really well taken or something

    • My pictures are taken well I'm really good with art and photos

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  • maybe what makes you attractive is how you appear in general? your look, the way you walk, personality overall deminor? Don't you find that when you see a picture of someone on Facebook they look better than they do in real life to you or the other way around? Perhaps you just aren't very photogenic but in person you're adorable? just a thought.