Why does my boyfriend want to change my style?

I get attention from men because I am attractive and I wear very form-fitting clothes ex. tights, dresses, skin tight jeans (that show my entire physique). I hardly ever wear shorts or anything that would show off too much.

The other day I was with my boyfriend and I wore something I wouldn't usually wear. Regular pants and a long sweater shirt that covered my rare. My boyfriend loved the way I look and told me he prefers me this way. Why is that? He is leaning more towards me dressing that way, I feel like he is trying to change me and it kind of hurts


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  • he doesn't like it when other guys check you out. of course,you shouldn't ''obey'' him,but he didn't demand that you change the way you dress-so I wouldn't attack him for it. if he does demand it-say no,you're not his doll.


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  • He doesn't like that you get attention from other men when wearing your usual clothes. If you don't like that he's like this, why are you with him?

    • Weve been together for 6 years, and he just recently started this.

    • Ever since I gave birth to our child almost 3 years ago...he says he hates guys looking @ me like that and would prefer me to dress differently. I understand his outlook but he can't change me (its not like I am wearing inappropriate things). It just hurts when I dress up and I feel like he would prefer me different than I am. He lets me it know I am sexy, but he does say he find me sexier covered up.

    • So tell him how you feel about it. Talk about it

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  • Maybe he prefers modesty and doesn't like it when other guys can check you out in tight clothes. don't completely change your style but maybe try to mix in pieces that he would like with pieces that you like

  • maybe your style can not attract him.