Why do some girls wear little clothing and then get annoyed or frightened if guys look at them?

Can you explain this to me girls? And by little clothing I don't mean anything slutty, I mean like tight fitting clothing or a shorter skirt then they normally wear.


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  • It doesn't matter what a girl wears. She's still going to get harassed. And no matter how you dress, that is a very unsettling thing. I dress pretty casually (form-fitting jeans, not extremely tight, like any girl would wear, and tops that completely cover me, usually scarfs and a jacket since it hasn't been that hot lately) but men STILL harass me. I was out at the animal shelter walking a dog wearing jeans and a t-shirt and I kid you not, had a car honk at me and then ten seconds later, another car honk at me, some guy leering out the passenger window. Every time I walk home from class, I know some guy is going to try and talk to me and I dread it and they always stare and half the time make some remark to me. Some guy tried to TOUCH me once. It makes me feel extremely uncomfortable and unsafe. And I'm not the only one. My friends experience the same thing, dressing completely normal. No matter what a girl wears she shouldn't have to be harassed.

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      Women like you are the reason men are becoming complete p****** today. We like to compliment women when they look good but idiots like you then turn around and say it's you getting "harassed". They honked their horns, they didn't physically touch you like that one guy. Just shut the hell up and take the compliment. I get compliments from girls and never have I considered it harassing or felt "unsafe".

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      Similarly, should I 'shut the hell up and take a compliment' when a man is harassing me? Should I just shut up and smile when some old man on the bus started stroking his d*** while staring at me? Or when I have to be escorted home by police because some crazy man took a liking to me and started stalking me while I was out with my friends? True stories. Sorry, but I think not.

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      Exactly. I know why so many guys seem to think it's attractive to act like a horny little dog with his d*** standing up straight, wagging their tongues at you. smh.