Why do some girls wear little clothing and then get annoyed or frightened if guys look at them?

Can you explain this to me girls? And by little clothing I don't mean anything slutty, I mean like tight fitting clothing or a shorter skirt then they normally wear.


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  • It doesn't matter what a girl wears. She's still going to get harassed. And no matter how you dress, that is a very unsettling thing. I dress pretty casually (form-fitting jeans, not extremely tight, like any girl would wear, and tops that completely cover me, usually scarfs and a jacket since it hasn't been that hot lately) but men STILL harass me. I was out at the animal shelter walking a dog wearing jeans and a t-shirt and I kid you not, had a car honk at me and then ten seconds later, another car honk at me, some guy leering out the passenger window. Every time I walk home from class, I know some guy is going to try and talk to me and I dread it and they always stare and half the time make some remark to me. Some guy tried to TOUCH me once. It makes me feel extremely uncomfortable and unsafe. And I'm not the only one. My friends experience the same thing, dressing completely normal. No matter what a girl wears she shouldn't have to be harassed.

    • Women like you are the reason men are becoming complete p****** today. We like to compliment women when they look good but idiots like you then turn around and say it's you getting "harassed". They honked their horns, they didn't physically touch you like that one guy. Just shut the hell up and take the compliment. I get compliments from girls and never have I considered it harassing or felt "unsafe".

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    • Similarly, should I 'shut the hell up and take a compliment' when a man is harassing me? Should I just shut up and smile when some old man on the bus started stroking his d*** while staring at me? Or when I have to be escorted home by police because some crazy man took a liking to me and started stalking me while I was out with my friends? True stories. Sorry, but I think not.

    • Exactly. I know why so many guys seem to think it's attractive to act like a horny little dog with his d*** standing up straight, wagging their tongues at you. smh.

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  • They like the idea of attention but don't know what to with it when they have it.

  • I'm a girl and I find it stupid too, I say tell them if they don't want the attention then cover up but they never listen because their friends are too busy encouraging them and lieing to them saying they are pretty when they just look slutty lol. I honestly feel sorry for the guys that get their head bitten off because the girls put forward such a confusing misconception of themselves.

    I actually do the smart thing and just dress comfortably with jeans, trains, my osaga shoes or my comfy sport ones with the strap and I wear t-shirts and hoodies and when I'm out and about I don't get much attention because I don't want to be bothered when I'm going somewhere I need to be like college. The odd time though I do get weird old guys stopping outside pubs or even weird guys driving in their carts shouting hey, it's so creepy and I get jerks taking the piss out of me some times and making inapropriate comments but usually I'm left in peace thank god. It's only because most guys don't have the guts to come up to me and say anything, of course online is a whole different story so I also avoid the dating websites and I generally don't log onto tagged that much or really accept anyone on there, even on here I get weird guys wanting to do things with me lol, but only because it is easier for them to speak to me as I can't see them until they want me to.

    • The girl below made a good point about being dressed normally and still getting attention, so I could see that being very annoying. I have noticed from questions this site that weird old guys hitting on girls seems to be more common then I taught.

    • See, if a guy can't see your form, he is less likely to approach. Skinny jeans, and anything revealing is just going to attract us like bees to honey.

      Eh, any reasonable guy who tries to go for the personality (next after appearance) will usually ignore a woman who is a bitch. More than likely put her in her place,then walk off and not give a sh*t about what she just said to him,while she is probably either crying, or still raging.

    • Yeh we still sometimes get attention even if we don't dress reveiling as we might have a nice butt lol guys will find the slightest thing to be attracted to really, yeh old creepy guys is very common, it's so funny it's like they have this impulse they can't stop and it just comes out of their mouth and they shout "HEY!" and all shy lol they be thinking who's that girl? she's different lol but it's still weird as they are much much older. We don't get it as much though apart from online.

  • Well most clothing is tight, unless you go full out baggy. If I wear a tight pair of jeans, I'm not necessarily looking for attention, I may just be wearing jeans... If I dress in a mini and high heels then I hope for that kind of attention and secretly enjoy it. Those who get annoyed most likely have a complex of some sort where they think the world is up their arse and everyones into them.

    • Women don't have the 'regular' jeans? Things that aren't attached to your form, and are so skinny that your legs are cut off from blood circulation.

    • You'd be surprised how difficult it is to find jeans that aren't form-fitting. Even if they have a loose/ baggy cut for the legs, I can guarantee that the cut around the bum will be super tight.

    • Frostie, we don't actually. I have to steal my brothers clothes if I want loose things because all female things nowadays are made to be tight and fitting... (except for tops).

  • wearing little clothing isn't a sign that say ''look at me!''. little clothing=clothes, something that most people wear,it doesn't have to have any connection to guys.

    • Of course it does! So many girls wear basically nothing for attention from guys and girls!

    • The less you cover up, the more skin we see. Especially when they're like mini skirts, the further up, the more dirty-er the thoughts are. It's kinda obvious. If a girl is dressed decently, the thoughts are less sex oriented.. like if she has a nice form,and isn't in revealing clothes, I'll just think "oh hey she's pretty" If its like a band shirt or something, I'll try to know more about her and ask. If she is basically in a bra and short shorts.. lol forget that, only one thing on my mind.

    • your thoughts have nothing to do with why the girls wear short skirts-you being a ''pervert'' (a human) doesn't make the girl desperate for attention.

  • I only wear little clothing if it's really hot :/ I mean, I don't want to sweat on my jeans and sweater if it's scorching hot outside.

  • Because they are stupid, they know they are going to get attention so they shouldn't act suprised, but on the other hand guys can come off creepy in how they look at girls.

  • Although some girls do like the attention... sometimes it's hot! What do we do then? Must we be covered up just because there's perverts out there that just stare? Or for example to a party, I like to wear a nice dress because I feel pretty in it and I like it! Sure, people are welcome to look at me, it's nice to be admired but when there's non-stop staring there's a problem there and it's not welcoming. That's so uncomfortable, and sometimes disgusting. Really!

    • Expecting the world to treat you fairly because you are good is like expecting the bull not to charge because you are a vegetarian.

  • Well I dress like that because I want to look good! I have an amazing body and I'm only young once so I want to wear what I like. I don't mind guys looking at me, but only if they are hot! Haha! Some are some aren't it's the ones who aren't is where girls get annoyed.

  • because they want attention but pretend they dont.

    some of those are probably attention whores.

    they dress like that but claim they feel comfortable wearing that type of stuff.

    but then when they get attention, they get all offended.

    if they were really comfortable in that type of clothes, they wouldn't be complaining about getting that type of attention, which brings me to the conclusion that they truly are attention whores.

  • I don't mean to get the attention I do.

    Take today.

    I was working, I went out in a scar, a shoulder less jumper, a denim mini skirt, thick black leggings, a pair of boots, and furry leg warmers. I was pretty much covered.

    I got wolf whistled twice, talked about by a bunch of underage teenagers, and tooted at by a car, all within the space of two 50metres walk.

    I don't think I was being slutty. I don't think I was being flirty.

    Yeah, it's nice that people thought I looked good, but at the same time, I'm working?

    At my other, "proper" job, I wear masculine, ill fitting, nasty clothes, and I have a stalker who follows me home, and the police won't get involved until he attacks me physically because he's mentally challenged. I'm not hot really, but I don't appreciate the attention when I'm trying to do a job, or just minding my own business.

  • I am neither defending nor attacking them but I think it is because they are trying to grab the attention of the hot guys but not the rest. I don't think they get annoyed when hot guys look.

  • Because they're girls, or would you rather see a guy in tight shirts? That wouldn't look good would it.

    • I just used that as a example.

    • Some chicks dig the skinny shirt/pants thing.

    • Not skin tight like a girl though, there's a limit..

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  • It isn't that they don't want to be looked at, they just don't want "you" to look at them. If they like a guy they have no problem with him looking. They are a little unreasonable on this topic. Any guy that they don't like they deem as creeps. If they make all the guys to be creeps, then they don't have to feel slutty for dressing in a way that attracts men. This has a lot to do with a woman's fear of being judged.

  • i see this happening all the time and I wonder the same exact thing. trust me, they do it on purpose just because they wanna fit in. even though they know their gonna get negative attention, they still wanted

  • I don't mind getting a girl annoyed/frightened of me. You wanna wear clothes like that? I'm going to molest you with my eyes.

  • no, they enjoy attention

  • i don't get one thing. why do fat, ugly girls with a million pimples on their faces dress slutty? honestly it makes me wanna vomit. and to answer the question it really is annoying. I love girls that can dress nicely and still look sexy

  • They want you to approach them. If you're going to look and not approach, it's considered staring, who wants to be stared at?