Ladies do you really find guys attactive if...

They wear women's pants? Or have their underwear showing all the damn time because they can't pull their pants up.

I call them gay, but I'm a guy so yeah. But I can't really find it sensible. Love to hear the thoughts of women.


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  • Uh, not so much no.

    I'm not a fan of skinny jeans in general- I don't wear them for a few reasons. A) I'm short and they tend to make me look even shorter and B) I don't like having pants so tight I can't DO anything in them. I'm a country girl so jeans are the pants I wear for everything from working outside to going on a date and they need to be multi-functional.

    On guys- well, I've just never gotten the trend at ALL- it's true, skinny jeans aren't built for men and I'm not a fan of any guy who has his underwear hanging out all the time whether it's because he wears skinny jeans or engages in the whole "sagging" phenomenon. Freaking buy pants that fit or get a belt, or, if you WANT me to see your boxers then just don't wear pants, it's cheaper and probably a hell of a lot more comfortable.

    Of course, I'm not much of a fashionista anyway so I might not be the best person to ask about fashion trends. To each their own, but I like guys who wear pants that fit- they cover their ass and they can still move around easily (ie if we need to hurry because we're late for the movie, I don't want to miss the start because you can't run in those pants, that's ridiculous whether you're a girl or a guy!). Other than that- wear whatever style of pants you want...


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  • It is horrible! I am a teacher, teaching elementary school and the style is just hideous. I want my man to dress like a man! Without showing me what color/style his underwear are. It is so embarrassing to have to get on young boys for dress code. I really don't like it.

    Another pet peev... Skinny jeans, they are great on tall thin women/ girls but when short thicker girls wear them it is hideous. Because they are in style, everyone wears them disregarding whether they look good or not. They are cool...

  • Yea, its gay.

    • God, THANK YOU! Please let them all know it. Both questions, or just the tight pants?

    • Both are horrible, the tight pants are gay , the underwear showing is pure disgusting , shallow, unattractive and damn stupid.

  • Ew god no

  • When you say women's pants do you mean tight skinny jeans? If so then yes, I love when guys dress like that. Hot as f***.

    As for showing their underwear, I dislike that.

    • Yes I mean form fitting jeans. *shudder*

    • Not all guys can pull them off, only really skinny guys. But I find really skinny guys super attractive, so it makes sense that I like it when they wear jeans that show off their skinniness.

  • Gay is not an adjective, gay is a sexual orientation, don't confuse the two.

    I don't like guys who wear pants tighter than I do, because that's just wrong. And if they are wearing their pants below their pants, I don't see why they ever bother putting the pants on in the first place. I have been known from time to time to pull up my friends pants because it doesn't make ANY sense for them to be below their ass. What bothers me more is when they wear a belt, and their pants are still below where they need to be, like WHAT THE HELL?! The point of a belt is to keep your pants up! Not down!

    • True. And I know about gay. Some of the guys at work whom do both of those things are gay, and so I pretty much guess they are all that way. They like having their guy friends look at their underwear, or see how tight their pants can be.

    • Careful not to generalize

    • actually Gay is an adjective. one that means, among a few things, homosexual and awkward, stupid, or bad; lame.

  • No I don't like it at all.

  • Not attractive no.

    If the jeans are too tight I think gay as well.

    If the pants are too low, I think childish and bad hygiene...

    • I hope you tell the Idiots that. I usually do, and god do I get in trouble. lol

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    • I have an old airsoft gun you could use. lol

    • Haha ;)

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  • If I wasn't so afraid of being arrested, I'd be pulling up their pants all the time.