Guys, am I intimidating looking?

Guys, is the reason why I never get approached, because I am not very attractive or because I am intimidating looking?

It's frustrating feeling inferior, because all my other friends are getting asked out, but I am not.


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  • No, you're not intimidating looking. You've got a great smile and look plenty good. Unless a guy is intimidated by a girl who is good looking, then I don't see why they'd be intimidated.

    There may be other factors such as your height (are you strikingly tall or short?), or your demeanor which play into this. Think about your normal actions. Are any of them something that would make you seem unapproachable? Being standoffish, being too loud and boisterous, or coming off as arrogant can all cause this. For some people, even plain old confidence in a woman can intimidate them.

    • I don't get it. I am average height, average build, not standoffish, definitely not too loud, not arrogant, and despite trying to become more confident.....i am usually not overly-confident....hence the question in the first place. so it leaves me back to thinking I am unattractive.

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    • Ha ha...i have done all that! guys will flirt with me and everything, but nothing ever comes of it. I guess I have not directly said, "we should hang out sometime" to a guy, but I did suggest going to the movies with a guy and nothing ever happened. I am slightly shy, so it can be difficult for me to just come up with the courage it takes to be that forward. then guy I asked to go to the movies really seemed like he liked me too. (long eye contact, teasing, starting conversations with me...)

    • Well, I guess it's down to patience and perseverance then! Keep it up, you'll do just fine. Trust me.


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  • From my point of view, you are very attractive. Speaking as a shy guy though, I used to see girls like yourself and just assume I didn't have a chance! Perhaps you come across as the type that would take some convincing and would be a challenge, which isn't a bad thing!

    Keep doing what you are doing and wait for the right guy. It doesn't hurt to show any interest either but just do it in a subtle manner.

  • You're pretty cute. The fear of rejection is strong, that's probably the main reason you're not getting approached.

    • So fear of rejection on the guy's part? sorry just clarifying.

    • For some guys it's not that easy to walk up to a beautiful stranger and begin chatting. And yes, there is definitely fear on the guys part. Luckily, you can take it out of the equation by approaching the guys first! :D

    • But it's not like I am that good looking. I thought guys only got that worried when the girl was like ultra-hot or whatever....

  • maybe

    or you don't have taht flare or confidence?


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  • You are...VERY beautiful !

    Lol I have the same problem :)

  • Okay this is just my take on it, and I could be totally off but:

    You are very pretty and have a nice style. You come across like a nice happy person. I think guys are attracted to you, but you look like a girl that a guy would have to "work" to get and if a guy is busy chasing honeys he is probably going to go for the path of least resistance. You are pretty and I'm sure guys would love to go out with you but you are probably going to have to show more interest and make it more obvious you're into them.

    • *corrected= have a nice smile