Guys -Dressy or not dressy

Guys do you like it when girls wear a t-shirt with a plain designer with something funny written ? or a dressy flowyy shirt?


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  • Both are nice, I guess it depends on the occasion and what she is most comfortable in at that particular time.

    • Cause I'm going to my cousins chorus show and I was thinking of wearing a t-shirt with shorts I don't know cause my crush is going to be there and I want to go simple but not to simple I know your guys and don't really care but don't you want a girl to look nice?

    • Maybe if it was say a meal at a restaurant I'd say more dressy. If it was something more casual like a movie, shops etc t-shirt and shorts is fine. But it wouldn't bother me much either way, as long as she is happy with what she is wearing. Both look nice to me. I think you will be fine in a t-shirt/shorts, if he likes you he won't change his mind cause of your clothing at a chorus show (never been one but it doesn't sound like something you have to dress up for.)


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  • You might as well ask me if I'd like a steak served on a green plate or a blue plate. I could care less about the plate, it's the quality of the steak I'm interested in.

  • I prefer the dressy flowy shirt, but depedning on the occasion and the girl either is fine.

  • i like both :D


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