A girl's club outfit? guys, what should she wear?

So I've been single for a while now and I enjoy clubbing with my friends.

Lately me and my friends were discussing, what kind of outfits leave which kind of impressions on men in a club.

I mean it's obvious that girls often think that girls that go clubbing with short dresses are sluts, but what's the men's point of view?

-Could you imagine a girl with a short dress in the club as being your future girlfriend or would you prefer a girl that doesn't show that much skin. And I'm not talking about showing too much skin, sexy but still classy. :)



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  • Girls in clubs are for sex. I can't think of anyone that I know personally looking to pick a girlfriend out of that crowd.

    You're going clubbing. You want to have fun. Wear the short stuff with your boobs hanging out, and then rub your ass on a guy's crotch. You can't look classy that way, so why try? Just have fun, and I'd suggest to look for a boyfriend elsewhere.


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  • I used to think those girls were sluts, but I know a couple girls whom I would totally mary if given the chance, they're just so sweet and perfect, and they dress kind of slutty when they go to clubs. A lot of girls that go clubbing are slutty, but nowadays girls just like that have fun and its not that big of a deal.

  • thong and pasties

  • So, are you asking for advice on what to wear to clubs?


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