I never get male attention. Is it because of my looks?

OK I'm Asian, 5'4, black hair, slim, brown eyes, simple looking and I don't wear makeup. I wear my hair up because that's how I feel comfortable. Is my look doing me no justice? Do guys only want to talk to attractive girls? :S

Should I consider changing my look? I'm 20 years old but I look much younger. Does my baby face make me more ignored by guys?


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  • I am not saying by any means you are ugly, just giving you ideas, how do things.

    Jo Brand is ugly, but she’s still married and has kids. Why? Well probably because she has a good personality and she is actually more confident than other women who have her sort of appearance. True if you look ugly then the number of guys interested are going to be reduced. But what you can do is make yourself look more attractive, wear the right clothes, have your hair done, show off parts of your body that look good, be confident and demonstrate your personality.

    If you go to google and select "Images" to search for images, first of all type in "ugly betty" then type in "America ferrera". It's hard to believe but they are the same woman. I know she's made up to look ugly as part of her character, but it just shows what a difference people can make to themselves by wearing different clothes and different makeup and having a different hairstyle.

    Hair is very important it’s probably the first thing that a guy notices about a woman, when he looks at her from a distance. Nice looking, feminine hair makes him think, there is a healthy young looking woman over there, she looks after herself and has good hygiene. If she has good hygiene on that part of her body, she’s likely to have good hygiene in other areas. I sometimes make the mistake of seeing a woman with gorgeous hair and thinking, gosh there's a sexy young babe over there, she turns round and it turns out she is old enough to be my grandmother. So that's how much hair makes a difference to a guy, get your hair done and notice the difference.

    The other important thing to note about your perception that you are too ugly for anyone are the studies of what attracts men to women. There are all sorts of theories but the basis of these theories suggest that guys go for women that have similar features to themselves or similar features to their mothers. This was proven lately by headlines that twins that were seperated at birth got married without realising they were brother and sister. So what I'm saying here is you are bound to have similar features to other people, whether you consider yourself ugly or not, it doesn't stop you from finding a guy that finds you attractive


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  • Attractiveness is subjective, so don't stress too much about it. You wouldn't want a guy who just wants you for your looks. What might be simple for some might be perceived as beautiful to someone.

    One thing that's important in figuring out why is your approachability. A smile is attractive regardless of who it comes from. Someone that looks like they couldn't care less about anyone talking to them isn't going to get much attention.

  • A picture is worth a thousand words so add it

    And maybe guys just think of you as too hot and don't approach you so why don't you ask someone out for a change

  • You have the right hairdo because Asian girls have high checkbones and you should show them off.i love when girls don't were makeup its natural and I like that best.if a girl has to put on makeup to look good then she's unatractive.asians and latinas are the most attractive girls in my opinion


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  • Change of clothing style, maybe.