What to do about belly and butt hair (or baby hair?)

I have hair all over my belly...not just a happy trail...all over..and its pretty dark too.. but my mom has none..is it still baby hair on my belly? but shouldn't of it already fallen out? I'm thinking about maybe bleaching it, but would that prevent it from falling out if it is baby hair?...and I also have hair on my butt cheeks and its long and noticeable...what do I do? is that bay hair too? will it go away?


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  • This is a perfect time to acknowledge the power of words. A word and a phrase, spoken out of it's proper place and proper timing, can be as destructive as a shotgun shell, literally. The consequences can be that devastating, so you're right to hesitate to ask, and ask other people. This won't be the first time you'll need secrecy and discretion with a devastating set of words you want to relinquish into someone's ears.

    Do I look fat? Is my butt hairy? Is my stomach hairy?

    When you ask these questions, it's gonna' create a situation as serious as spraying bullets maybe, so your hesitation is good. But, because you're so concerned about it, then yeah you probably should get rid of the body hair.


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  • Wax / permanent hair removal hun. Don't worry about why it's there. Just get rid of it. And no it will not get rid of itself.


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  • No, neither of those things are baby hairs. You're just hairier than her and that's fine. I have a happy trail but I'm too lazy to do anything about it since it's not too hairy

    You can go to a dermatologist and ask about creams such as Vaniqa or talk about your options.

  • I saw some hair on my belly, it was gross so I shaved it