Guys, am I wearing too much or too little make-up?

The make-up that I wear every day to work:

1)face powder

2)dark brown eyebrow powder

3)pink blusher

4)3 shades of eye-shadows (pearlie white for the highlighter,pink for the contour and baby blue on the crease of the eyes)

5)light pink lipstick

What do you think of my make-up?I am an Asian with black hair,black pupils and fair complexion.Thanks a lot for helping!

@CB:True,I am 38 years old and shouldn't be asking this question.Yet if I wear all the above make-up items but skip the lipstick,then people say I look like a student because I have a baby face.I want to look polished and professional for my job but at the same time want as little chemicals as possible on my skin. :)


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  • i think its OK. maybe its too much eyeshadow...

    but who cares? do what makes YOU happy!

    • Thanks.Are you the one who threw the 5 stars?

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    • use white/champagne eyeshadow and a darker one like bronze colors (brown, a bit orange) but pink and blue sounds good too, but both of them combined doesn't sound that good:D

    • Hey,I have eyes like yours,with that kind of double eyelids although I am a Chinese!Thanks for your suggestions.I am not a shallow person but I think you are beautiful. :)


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  • There are a lot of factors, like what kinda of job you do, what's your working environment. It sound like you're trying very hard to look good but to some people that might come off as trying too hard. Everyone is going to have different opinions on it.

    But here's the thing, unless someone specifically brought it up maybe the fact that you;re wondering about it means it's probably at least a little true, Maybe just cut back a little and see what type of response you get for a week.

  • my girlfriend does the same thing, I think your fine but change your lipstick. to this one again. link

  • Too much

  • I guess it sounds fine, but I would have to see it to get a better idea. The girls who answered can probably help more.

  • woman your age should NOT be asking this question.


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  • guys may have a hard time envisioning a girl putting on makeup. I think girls would have a better opinion

    • Haha.Any suggestion to my make-up,girl? I am trying to use one eyeshadow LESS. :)

    • well, I'm not a huge make up person myself so my suggestions wouldn't be very good : / I just wear eyeliner on the top and mascara. But what you put doesn't sound like much. There are girl my age or even younger who wear much much more. Something about putting gobs of potentially harmful chemicals on my face doesn't sit right with me.

  • Sounds normal, not as heavy as most. You're not wearing eyeliner or mascara?

    • No,I look so much younger without them.:)

    • Then with what you describe I imagine your makeup to look quite subtle/simple. You probably don't need to drop an eye shadow color but I guess it depends where you put the darkest shading color. Then again it doesn't seem like you do it that style for the deep look so maybe leave out blue, stick to pink and your highlight.