Ideas on hairstyles for school please?

Okay, I know it's not a fashion parade, and I actually am not looking to impress someone, but I am sick of having plain hairstyles for school! I usually wear it out or in a pony- tail/ bun. Does anyone know of any hairstyles that don't look over the top, but do look nice?

Advice much appreciated! :)


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  • Kinda depends on how skilled you are.

    Here are some of my easy favourites:

    Fishtail braid: link

    Waterfall braid: link

    Wrap around braid: link link

    Messy bun: link

    If you have difficulty figuring out how to do them, look on YouTube. There are heaps of girls who upload great "how to" vids.


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  • Wear a double pony tail from time to time. I always used to pinch the girls who had that hair style, back when I was your age.

    I wish the women my a ge would wear their hair like that, once in a a while.

    • 32?! I don't think they will! :P

      But sometimes they do it! :)

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    • I can see where you are coming from I guess, lol.

    • Sometimes very sassy indeed!

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  • How about this?


    • I don't have very short hair :( Although I'm sure it wouldn't suit me anyway lol, and by the way, Hayden is so pretty hahaha

  • One of the hairstyles I particularly love is when a girl has one braid going around her head, and the rest of it freely hanging.

    I don't know what it's called.


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