Guys, what are your thoughts on girls with fake nails vs. real nails?

When I say fake nails by the way I mean the professionally done acrylic/gel nails not the gross cheap ones you can buy from the drugstore -- no one thinks those are attractive haha.

Poll & answer please.


  • Pro-fake nails are hot.
    18% (3)0% (0)16% (3)Vote
  • Real is the way to go.
    71% (12)100% (2)74% (14)Vote
  • Her nails aren't what I'm looking at.
    11% (2)0% (0)10% (2)Vote
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What Guys Said 1

  • Girls with fake nails are a huge turn off. they look weird and always get in the way of everything. Then they break incessantly and cause a huge panic attack way too often. Plus, they can be a detriment when a girl is using her hands around, umm, sensitive things.


What Girls Said 2

  • I've never had a guy diss me because of my nails! don't think they pay too much attn. to them

  • i know some guys that like it when a girl's nails are done. t