Do you touch on purpose?

Let's say that you're working on a project with a girl/guy that you might like and you guys are very close to each other, would you intentionally try and touch her like on the hand, arm or body? Cause I feel as though sometimes if you want to avoid touching someone, you definitely can so if they touch you would you think of that as just an accident or maybe they don't think much of a slight touch to the arm? Or could it be they really wanted to touch you...any thoughts?


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What Guys Said 1

  • matters how your brought up... I hear its about the amount you were held or touched as a kid .. me personally I don't like touching or being touched and I was brought up like that .. so when I touch its because yea iam interested in her and dammit I want to touch her... but there are people that just touch everybody all the time and its just how they are . best thing I can say is just watch how that person is with other people


What Girls Said 1

  • Basically, I wouldn't touch someone unless I wanted to. As far as crushes go of course if the opportunity was there that I could touch them in some type of way then yeah I'm going to take advantage of it.