Muscular/toned legs on a girl??

Naturally I have quite a petite framed body, I am a dancer so I have toned legs and kinda athletic looking arms and around shoulder-neck line area , I don't have a six pack but my tummy is flat and toned. I don't hate my body as I guess muscular is healthier than fat, but I do have a butt haha. I have smallish boobs but if they were any bigger they wouldn't suit my body.

Im going out tomorrow and I wanna look and feel really good, I just wanted to ask opinions from guys mostly if this kind of body is attractive to guys? Or should I hide my legs?


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  • hell no don't hide 'em!

    As the guys have already stated, seems like you are really attractive!

    show off those legs!

    legs like this perhaps? link


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  • I'm not sure if this is sarcastic. I guess because the answer is so obvious to me. You sound really hot, to be frank. Muscular, toned, petite, tight. I'm pretty sure you have nothing to worry about appearance-wise. Go out and have a blast!

  • I think you sound wonderful

    And I'll send you a link of sexy muscular legs

  • Hot.


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