Why can't I even meet a girl? Am I ugly?

I've been single for about 2 years now and no matter what I do I can't find a girl to talk to. I'm 6'4 150lbs and very lean built. (no matter what I do I don't build muscle mass, I just get lean muscle.) my metabolism is a curse I'm afraid lol. I'm in college for medicine so I'm not a looser, and girls just don't talk to me! I even got an eharmony account, every girl I message just never even replies! And I'm not entirely picky until my last string of dates, I'm very active and outgoing, my last. Couple dates were on the bigger side and they either never wanted to do anything or complained that I'm to active, so I said no more hefty ones or lazy for that matter. But that was over a year ago and even then, they were rare occasions. I have a job and everything...what do I do? I have a Facebook if you can tell me if I'm ugly. I can handle that, all I want is a reason for my issue, whatever it is. I don't lie cheat or steal, I treat women with high respect. My name is Scott Michael Lincoln if you want to see my Facebook. All I want is closure cause I'm going. It's trying to figure out if it's something about me or if I'm doing something wrong...I don't know.


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  • If you're 6'4" and skinny, you'd better be a punk rocker or Machine Gun Kelly.

    Otherwise, chicks won't dig you.

    Especially if you don't have an Italian model face.

    Guess you'd better stock up on the whey protein, steak, ribs, rice, and pasta and get buff.

    • Lol don't you think I tried? All that happened was I hot like jet lee...didn't look like much but it's solid steel.

    • That's why I thought because I was always the skinniest thing alive.

      Like Christian Bale in the Machinist skinny.

      But then I decided that I didn't want to be skinny anymore and gained 40 lbs of muscle.

      And climbing.

      You can do it if you really want to.

      you just have to go about it the right way and talk to all the right people about what you need to do.


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  • Dont worry about it. Just put your self out there and looks aren't EVERYTHING. be your self and don't worry what girls think or you'll never find one. There are girls for every type of guys.

    • Lol I assume your "looks Arnt everything" comment, that I am ugly. I better have a damn good personality then! Lmao

    • Why lie to the guy and give him, the whole looks aren't everything bs? We all know it ain't true, of course looks are everything. I've even been called cute before, just to find out its BS. To the OP I know how you feel. Trust me.

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  • Just put your self out there...Approach a conversation with every girl you find attractive...

  • Do you wear glasses?

  • 2 years is nothing I've never had a GF, how do you think I feel? Give me your face book name. PM me.