Prom hair, makeup, and accessories to go with my dress? (picture of dress in photo's)

Bought my prom dress today I'm not to sure what to do with my hair makeup and accessories the pic is in my photo's.

btw my hair is pretty long . can't really tell from the pic.


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  • Hair: Lovely choice of dress! I'd say put your hair up, you've got hair so you're very lucky that you can do all sorts of styles with it, I'd have it styled in an up-do or have in really waved beautiful curls with a lot of volume as your dress is very stream lined and straight so in my opinion I'd add a bit of glamour to it, whilst keeping it elegant and classy.

    Accessories: Keep it simple, take a small black clutch bag, small stud earrings if you have pierced ears. I wouldn't bother with jewellery as the dress itself is enough and if you dress it up too much, you'll regret it.

    Make-up: Natural but add some sparkle with darker eyes, perhaps use a smokey affect and a red lipstick to add some color to your outfit.

    I'm sure you'll look beautiful no matter what, hope you have a great prom!


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  • I like your dress it's really pretty and so are you. (: I can't really help you with this question, but I'm sure if you go to google or YouTube you can find plenty of information and videos to help you.


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  • I'd suggest a smoky eye, with natural-ish pink lips-gloss or stick. However you could have a kitten eyeliner flick and red lip if you like a vintage/classic look. Red rose side combs would look gorgeous tucked into a grace Kelly style updo. You're going to look beautiful whatever you choose though. Where did you buy the dress can I ask?