Why are girls who dress so "feminine", so intimidating

Maybe it's because I'm attracted to feminine girls and fear rejection but..don't say man up and try talking to them because well, I have in the past and I've gotten shot down. I don't care that I got shot down because at least I tried, right? well..how come some women who dress this way, are just so intimidating to the point that I can't even go up to them?


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  • Maybe it's the personality that comes off of them? I know a lot of people are intimidated by me in general (not because of my looks or anything) because I guess I just have a scary personality or something. I didn't really answer your question. lol Sorry.

    • Your status is dating which makes me think you have a boyfriend. They probably just see you as offputting (girls tend to do that when they're not single) as to make sure they aren't approached by other men (which means men and women can't be just friends) everyone knows that. If you deny it, you're fooling yourself

    • I meant before I had my boyfriend. I would have some guys approach me and some wouldn't.

      Thursday I went out to eat and our waiter left me his number, so I was saying in general it's my personality, not because I have a boyfriend.

      Before I started dating my guy he tried to ask me out, but he got scared and stopped. He obviously eventually asked me out, but the point was I made him nervous.


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  • this isn't true in all cases, but generally feminine girls who really care for their appearance are a bit harsher when it comes to turning down guys, simply because they get asked out more than an average girl. feminine = prettier than average = getting asked out A LOT = tons of guys to choose from, so you have very little chance... I speak from experience :P maybe just try to be friends frist(: hope that helps!

    • That's probably the best answer I've ever heard on this site. It's logical and not really insulting. Thanks!

  • I think guys have only approached me when I had jeans on but I almost never skirts or dresses unless its a special day or event..maybe you just like tomboys?

  • I dress prettily, never get approached. Now I know why. :D

  • I guess that's why I dress less girly..people tell me I'm so girlie but I don't thinnk I am

    • Well, if you're always dressing "up" (skirts, dresses) then you're probably girly. I'm not saying you go out in public in an evening gown when it's not a dance but..just like summer dresses etc..I'm not asking you to stop doing it, I'm just saying, why do I have a hard time doing it, even when I've done it before?

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  • Because they try really really hard to look accessssible only to guys with hot cars and money to spend on them...thats the signal they try really hard to put out. So they are already angry with you just because you come up to them on your bike.

    The aren't going to change, but lke you, I enjoy flirting with them once in a while, knowing they'll be ticked off just because I approached them! Sort of fun to watch them try to think of put-downs etc. They aren't too literate so it's hard for them to think of witty remarks.

    • So you like to see them squirm, just like they like to see us squirm, seems a bit childish, isn't it?

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    • So do you think the ones who do act bitchy and dumb, ruin it for the ones who don't (they wear the same clothes)?

    • Yes, mate, you bet. Of course they do. Image in the media is created largely by them!

  • Because they look so beautiful that way :)