Opinion on sailor tattoos. Negative or positive impression?

Such as link



I am thinking about getting both. The birds on the chest, the ship on my arms. Would be symbolic of my travels.


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  • I dislike tattoos. I don't believe in them.

    But, if you're just asking my opinion, the birds look rather feminine and the ship is far too overdone for my personal tastes.

    None of this is meant with offense.

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  • yes yes yes ! they are beautiful and you should definitely get them. maybe it's because I'm a sea/ocean kinda girl but the tattoos sound like an awesome idea.

  • I like the ship on the arm.

    The birds on the chest are a little "look at my chest".

    I'm not too crazy about tattoos, but the ship one is nice and you want to do it, so go ahead.

  • Like all tattoos, I find it ugly as hell. That doesn't stop anyone else, so I guess it shouldn't stop you.

  • I like them a lot, and since they actually have a meaning behind them its even better. I say go for it =)

  • I don't like tats and those pictured look too simple for me to like as body art. Negative impression.

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  • I don't think you should be getting sailor tattoos unless you are a sailor. If you aren't one, it kind of makes you a poser.

    • It is traditionally a sailor tattoo but modernly with the lack of pirates and galleons and such things they have been adopted by people who appreciate the meaning and art behind it. WOW how judgmental and small minded of you.

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    • Well why didn't you just say that? Then you ARE a sailor, not a poser, and I think the tattoos would be cool, though it may be difficult to capture the detail of the ship.

    • Hey thanks for the input with a bit of more thought I found I can probaby capture the essence of traveling and sailing with a diffrent design that is not so strongly associated with sailors and the navy.

  • My opinion:

    If you need members' of a dating advice site opinions to decide what you should get tattooed on yourself, you probably shouldn't be getting a tattoo in the first place.

    • Thanks for sharing your opinion as useless as it may be, I use this site for general discussion and opinions not just dating advice cause basically I don't really need it. This was supposed to be a style question.

    • Alright, well regardless of how you use the site, if you are actually using the input of a bunch of strangers for making such a permanent decision as a tattoo, that's just f*cking stupid. If getting input is that important to you, why wouldn't you ask your friends and family (who know you well)? THAT was the point of my useless comment...

    • Please don't flatter yourself. Just getting opinions from a variety of sources, and at the end of the day the whole point of seeking opinions is to improve your own decision. I get your critism but as it is not constructive please go away :)