How to dress my age?

Okay so I have been told on a few occassions that I dress like an old man! So my question is what is a chubby soon to be 27 year old man supposed to wear. The reason I ask, is because I think this is one of my biggest hinderances in terms of successfully pursuing girls (maybe aside from being chubby and some confidence). Well anyways advice is needed?


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  • its so hard to say without knowing that you prefer to wear! but, this website link has everything you'd find helpful :)


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  • A few things you should think about, ...when I came home from MD told me to "not gain any more weight...I was 27 You should look seriously at that.

    Clothing wise, look to GQ, Esquire, and perhaps to Jockery (on line) for some sportier, body flattering clothes Don't look to some of your 'contemporaries' for any guidance...since many, most don't have a single clue as to what is Chic or fashonable for a guy your age.

    Go to a Clothier / and cultivate some ideas for guys your age and build and work on losing want to 'fit the clothes' you like...and not the other way around, buy clothes that "fit you" ...that is self defeating ro what you seem to want