Why can I not seem to get a girl interested in me who I am interested in?

I am REALLY tired of this.

I am not unattractive.

I am intelligent.

I try to be nice.

I try to be funny.

I like adventure.

I like to cook.

I am different from most guys...

I don't get it! I am 23 and I am too old to have these problems. :/


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  • You sound great :) Sometimes people just don't click. If she doesn't feel like she should be with you, it doesn't mean there's something wrong with you. Maybe you just have different interests or different goals in life. Or maybe she's interested in someone else. Just think, would it be better if she tried to be with you because you're great guy, even though she isn't that interested, only to later find out she doesn't want to be with you and break up (which would hurt a lot more) or just let you know she's not interested and let you move on?

    This happened to a friend of mine. He was all the things you listed and just couldn't get the girl he wanted. Some time ago, he told me he met another girl at a work lunch and they've been together for a month now: only proves what I always told him, there was nothing wrong with him, he just didn't happen to meet the right girl. But now he's in a happy relationship and it will happen for you too when the time comes! Just be yourself and try to meet new people. Your time will come :) good luck!


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  • Hey stud muffin, you sound great!

    Now if only we, as human beings, were able to choose mates via a checklist and take them pre-packaged off a shelf as such.

    The truth is, when someone isn't into you, they're not into you. End of story.

    Like I said, you sound wonderful and I'm sure she's wonderful too. I'm sure you two have a wonderful time. Great. Super duper. But that's not the point. There can be two completely amazing people that are also wonderfully incompatible. It's quite common. Think about a time when there was a girl that really liked you (probably right now, in fact, Mr Hot Stuff!), but you weren't that into her. It's the same thing, just different roles.

    And by the way, you're NOT too old. OMG you are so young. You'll look back on this post in a year and laugh at yourself! And maybe by then, Miss "I'm not interested in this attractive, intelligent, nice, funny, adventurous, chef 23-year-old" will look at you and see that she missed out ^_~

    • Most of the times it is not an , "oh, let's just be friends" sort of situation... it is a... let's hate me and be with a guy who is not a good person.

    • It's about your reaction to the situation, my friend. Sally-douchebag-magnet and her new boyfriend seem to really deserve each other. Be grateful you didn't end up with that, or else I'd be answering your questions in the "Break-up" section.

      Go out there and find a girl that will appreciate all you have to offer.

      BTW: there's a girl out there who will be very happy you stopped pining over Sally-douchebag-magnet. There's probably one waiting for you to get over her now.

  • You're not too old to have these problems. You seem like a great guy and you will find a great girl to be with. Trust me, with your qualities, there should be lots of girls coming after you. Most of them may be shy though, too shy to come up to you. Just continue to do what you do and you'll find the one in no time.

  • Ok I gotta laugh..TOO OLD? Whatever,lol try being MY age.

    But like they always say,once you stop looking,love finds you:)

    I was doing the online dating but quit because there were too many jerks/no chemistry. Once I quit looking I found my guy:) Now granted we've only been going out a week,but we both want this to work out.

    Good luck!:)

  • First impressions are key. Maybe you don't come off as intelligent, nice, funny, adventurous, or a guy who likes to cook. Unfortunately, you can't just go to a girl and tell them you're all these things because she might be creeped out so you have to show her as best you can as soon as you can.

    And I'm totally against the whole phrase "out of your league" but maybe you are just shooting too high? I don't know, but you seem like a very attractive guy :)

  • are you kidding? I think you are pretty attractive

  • You sound awesome, just keep looking for a mate :p


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  • You're not alone in this. I'm 28 and am in a similar situation.

    The problem is that women don't want good guys. They get attracted to a**holes, only to be able to complain to their female friends what an a**hole they have.

    The only thing which remains for us is not to stop hoping. One of my friends finally found a wife @ the age of 47 :{/>

  • U didn't list anytjing about your health/grooming, personal dress style, or social skills

    Have you made improvements, or working on, those points above?

    • I am a germ freak...

      I dress fine?

      social, eh I try.

  • well you look like you have better luck than me, lol

  • "I am 23 and am too old to have these problems" If it makes you feel any better il be 24 in two weeks and iv never even kissed a girl. And your have a lot more going for you. I''ll probably be a virgin 6 years from now when I'm 30. But I know at least 5 or 6 girls who would be head over heels for you.

    • Hey..don't say that...alot can happen in 6 years..just focus on being happy and being yourself and having an open-mind. She's out there for you somewhere...and she can't wait to meet you. :) Just live your life well and don't fret too much about having a relationship just let life do what's best for you.

    • anddd how do I talk to them? o0

      and why do you think that about yourse;f?

    • Hell if I know. But there's no way you couldn't get a girl dude. I'm gonna be beating my meat till the grave. Iv just accepted it. Be glad your one of the lucky ones.