Guys and gals, I just wanna ask what are the biggest turn-offs you've ever encountered? Turn-offs that are just the WORST to me are if the guy I like or dating expects me to forgive him right away if he's done something horrible like taking advantage of me (or something like that), is practically a robot (to myself and everyone else), says something just 'ugh' without thinking like if he hates this and that (I'll respect it but if he keeps pushing on it and convincing me to hate it or like it well, yeah that's definitely a turn-off to me), and much more. What about you people ? What are the turn-offs you just hate or would just like to mention?


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  • arrogance/conceitedness/egocentric: like always talking about themselves on a date, talking about how great they are and how they are god's gift to mankind/ladies. like please.

    guys who act and talk like they are so smart: don't get me wrong I love intelligent men but not to the point that they impose their intelligence on you. correct you all the time when you are wrong, interrupt, belittle you in front of friends etc.

    as well as guys who are too touchy-feely when we aren't even in a relationship yet. I like the sort of men who respects a girl and respects her personal space.


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  • I can't stand people who are arrogant or who don't act themselves, and be who they really are. Also, armpit hair on girls. UGH.


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  • Pretty much everything Evelyn said. I would like to add that it's also a turn off to me when they spend more time getting ready for the day than I do, doing their hair and junk. I don't want you to look like a hot mess but you don't need to use 5 gallons of hair product in one day.