Girls Do You Like Sideburns On Your Man?

I've got these thin side burns with a chin goatee and I've never had any facial hair at all I always shave. Thoughts Ladies?Kinda looks like this but only the sideburns and chin goatee link


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  • No. Not like that. Short thin sideburns I'd OK. But that thin beardy thing is yeesh. :O

  • He looks good with it I usually see black guys with that look and it looks good

    • i don't want to look like a black guy ;(

  • I don't mind if a guy has them

  • Yes, it looks hot.

  • unless your name is wolverine(hugh jackman) HELL NO...well I mean not thick ape-like side burns but I've seen one or two guys who pulled if off looking sexy.

  • only if they look like this link jk, actually though I'm not really a fan

    • lol starburns :P

    • go community!

  • I like facial hair, but not like the one you posted. lol

  • Depends on your face. Some guys look baller with it. Most of the time not so much [I've let my boyfriend know that I won't shave my head if he keeps shaving his face]. Good luck, try it out at least.

  • Javert sideburns! <3

  • I've never really liked facial hair.

  • no

  • no no facial hair

  • They're OK but not prefered

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