Avoid looking too tall?

Recently I have landed couple new job interviews. They are really important to me because it will have a long term effects on my career. recently I read an article that was indicating how important it to look good in an job interview. So what I wanted to know was, if I look too tall in a job interview is that bad? Currently I am 6'2 and when I wear dress shoes I become 6'3 -6'4, is that too tall? should I buy shoes that have no heels or little heels?


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  • studies show that people who are taller are more likely to get the job compared to a shorter person. be proud of how tall you are. be confident in your skills and you will get the job :) good luck


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  • I don't think there is such a thing as "too tall".

  • why the hell do people ask these kind of questions? everyone knows that tall guys are in demand and more likely to succeed in life. how the hell can you look too tall in a job interview? how is that a bad thing? fishing for compliments?