How important is style in your choice of attraction with someone?

If you find someone attractive or cute is it as simple as that even if you do not dig the garments or clothes they where or does what someone wears or how they dress play a significant role in your attraction towards them?


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  • That's a short question with a really long answer.

    So I'll just talk about my taste in this case:

    - Haircut - to me girls are so more amazing as longer and smoother her hair is, a girl with a really long and smooth hair has a look of royalty into her that makes most men turn their heads just to see her pass;

    - the 8 shape - busty breast, thin waist and busty hips again, the more a girls body is similar to a 8 the more "perfect" for so to speak ske looks. And, in this particular point, clothing has a lot of importance, because if you use clothes that makes this shape more showy better;

    - flashy clothing - One of the most MOE and sexy things girls do is when they wear cloths that makes us men, almost have a peak of what's inside: for example tops, or tight clothes, altough, the moment it is "too flashy" it stops being showy and it becomes sluty, what normally make jerks shout some "nasty" words as pick up lines.


    - behaving style - a woman that has a secure and confortable way of walking has more points then a girl that has a sluty way of walking.

    Sorry for the long answer, but your question is really not a easy one to answer.

    Take care


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  • If I find someone really attractive I do not really care what they wear. That being said most girls can greatly improve how they look to me depending on what the wear.

  • Very important, the girl must wear a lot of skirts and dresses.

  • I think dressing appropriately and dressing for the venue is more important than style

    But I will say how you dress is somewhat a reflection of ourselves so if they look like a bum they probably act like one with the exception of lazy days.


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  • i guess its pretty important. I'm not attracted to certain styles (the super urban, hip hop inspired look) and I'm very attracted to other styles (the indie look, for example). I think a lot of people judge me by the way I dress, how I carry myself, and how I speak and use that as a measure of whether or not they want to chat me up. I've actually had a guy tell me before that if he had just seen me and didn't know me, he would think I was attractive but wouldn't bother hitting on me. something about the way I look or carry myself conveys "not approachable" to him. not necessarily in the same vein, but I do see certain people who attract me with their style. I think its because style sometimes comes with a host of mannerisms and body language associated with that style.

    generally, as long as I find him/her very attractive and I like their personality, the way they speak, we are won't matter what their everyday dress is like as long as they can clean up properly for special events and such.

  • Style is important to me because on first appearances, I judge the style of the guy as from the garments I tend to guess what kinda music he's in to and maybe what he's all about if a certain style/look is obvious. I am attracted to guys who have a good sense of style and know how to dress themselves. I am also attracted to someone with a certain skater/surfer/neat look about them because that's my look too and it also plays on my mind if we'd look good together.

    I also like it if a guy has good style because then when I'm feeling lazy I can just bum about in his clothes!

    • ugh skater and neat look kind of contradict each other :P

    • I know what I mean haha! like not sweaty skater ...skater clothes with quite a clean appearance! :)

  • Not important, he could wear the same clothes he went to high school in, as long as they are washed, smell good, and fit well.

    I do not like guys who try hard to look good. I do not like too much effort. It should be simple and easy.

    I do not like the jock or trendy look. Or the saggy pants look.

    Or the "jersey shore" look.

    Your a Man, Act like one.

  • Style is definitely important to me, knowing that I do like to dress up occasionally and look presentable. I expect the same from a man. It's not a huge determining factor of whether I'd date them or not, but it definitely plays a huge role. Obviously since the physical aspects are what you notice first. I don't expect him to be a fashionista or anything like that, expensive brands etc. Just dress for occasion and look presentable, that's all I ask

  • What they wear plays a huge part, even if their body, face and hair look great, if they're wearing clothes that I don't like I won't want to be with that person. So they may look attractive but since clothes can reflect personality/character, it would stop that feeling for the most part, basically I wouldn't be able to see myself with them.

    • at least some girl is able to do that and understand a guys personality by the way he dresses.

  • Not very important. As long as it's nothing inappropriate, gross, or tacky. I don't care whether or not a guy has style or not. As long as he's clean and wears clothes that properly fit his body.

    I will say I do not like trendy guys. I don't like try hards. Keep it simple and effortless.