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Clothing styles for an hourglass figure?

A lot of people say A-line skirts look good... but to me they're not that flattering on an hourglass. People also say to cinch the waist with a belt... Show More

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  • How about maxi dresses? Avoid belts, right...with a frilly tiop shawl type covering, maybe chiffon in hot weather, just to break up the silhouette.

    Loose fitting slacks, not skinny jeans!

    • I've never worn a maxi dress because they never have the right cut up top but till I do I won't doubt that it would look good! *maxi dress hunt*

    • You can find any possible variety..

      Thanks for the best Answer

What Guys Said 2

  • What do you mean No Vintage You will look smashing in any dress meant to be worn with a corset.

    Check out a periods of fashion book from the library and check out the styles that require waist cinching undergarments and your set.

    modern A-lines are often badly thought out and you are right about a lot of belts that they are inexplicably paired with don't work. Look back to the classic poodle skirt and blouse the belt if any is very thin 1/2' or less.

    Also unfortunately the Fashion terminology for A-Line has shifted en.wikipedia.org/wiki/A-line will show how YSL has bamboozled you and stolen your choice.

    Otherwise You could just chose a Hourglass shaped celeb like Linda Cardellini make like a Paparazzi and stalk her wardrobe for ideas.

    • Oh crud, sorry, I didn't think corset at all when I wrote this. It's irritating me that I can't find a good vintage style dress when I want to show you what I mean. So... basically this shape link but no where as flashy or pretty, just plain structured usually thick looking material, that's all the rage in the shops right now.

      LOL the a-line in wiki is HORRIBLE.

    • The proportions on that dress are 'off'.

What Girls Said 2

  • Vintage works wonderfully on hourglass figures!

    It's tailored and stream-lined, and made to accentuate curves. Just think of burlesque - that's all about the vintage and the hour-glass.

    Also - pleated skirts can work very well on an hourglass so long as they're high-waisted.

    I suppose it depends on your weight surround your figure. But for most hourglass figures the rules are the simplest of all shapes. Wear clothes that a fitted but not too tight. You generally don't want anything to flowing. Tailored, fitted clothes work best because they show of the silhouette - and the hourglass is pretty much the desired shape for women, so just wear clothes that show that off.

  • I feel you girl- particularly about clothing marketing to "rectangular shapes". Here's what I like to wear... tons of fitted tanks, blazers, cardigans and fitted sweaters. I'm personally big on solids, and dressing them up with cool accessories (printed scarves, cool necklaces, earrings...). I don't really wear a lot of the "flowy" tops that are in style right now because while they are cute, they just end up making my naturally hourglass figure look kinda boxy. It seems like it's all they sell though! I pair a lot of stuff with skinny jeans (black, denim, white for summer etc..), leggings (navy, black), and I skirts sometimes. Oh, and dresses (Love the sweater dresses!).

    My advice: Find a muse. This could be celebrity that you think has a figure similar to yours, and also is a good dresser. One of my personal favorite fashionistas is the gorgeous Kim Kardashian. She has Killer curves and girlfriend knows how to work them. Then, see if you can copy her outfits (without spending all the money tough, lol).


    1)don't shy away from belts- they're fantastic. The trick is the size of the belt. Wear it over something. Make it hit at the smallest part of your waist. Look up examples of good belt wearing.

    2) One more thing- you're lucky. Hourglass figures are hot. so Rock it ;)

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