Clothing styles for an hourglass figure?

A lot of people say A-line skirts look good... but to me they're not that flattering on an hourglass. People also say to cinch the waist with a belt but to me belts look bad on hourglass shapes, I actually think it makes their waist look bulkier - think about it, they're adding something there.... Show More

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  • How about maxi dresses? Avoid belts, right...with a frilly tiop shawl type covering, maybe chiffon in hot weather, just to break up the silhouette.

    Loose fitting slacks, not skinny jeans!

    • I've never worn a maxi dress because they never have the right cut up top but till I do I won't doubt that it would look good! *maxi dress hunt*

    • You can find any possible variety..

      Thanks for the best Answer