Tragus piercing or not?

Who of you has it? For those who don't know: link

I was thinking about getting it done, Because I really like it, but my parents aren't a fan of piercings and although I'm 22, I still live at home. So either I'll get it and try to hide it or I won't...

Who of you had it done and do you still like it? Did it hurt? ...

If any of you have ideas to convince my parents, always welcome!


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  • I've met guys and girls with it and I think it looks quite cool. I've been told by some that it's the most painful ear piercing you can get (I've had my cartilage done and that hurt but it was bearable, I would get another one done). But I've been told be others that it didn't hurt as much as a nose piercing...I don't know. I would say that if you want it done don't let the pain stop you, just go for it.

    About the rentz, I didn't even ask and mine can be quite strict. I'm away at university at the moment, but within one of our many Skype conversations after getting it done I just said 'I've got my cartilage pierced, do you want to see it?'. The most I got from my mum was did it hurt, my dad wasn't impressed though, he said it didn't look professional, but I said would have never known about it if I had not shown him. I say just do it. You're 22 and it's your body lol.

    • Mine wouldn't talk to me until I got it out, lol. I'm away at uni too but summer's coming up so I'm home a lot... I think I'll try to find a way to put my hair up without letting my ears show, haha

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    • Cool, lol gives us an update when you've got it ;)

    • Will do, thanks for the advice!


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  • i have two friends with it. I think its hot.


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  • I think they look really nice, it's subtle and sweet, to me, it's no different to having a normal ear piercing. I've had it done before and it didn't hurt getting it done, however it does get a little sore the day or two after but that doesn't last for long at all. Also, it's not a piercing that gets easily infected, so it's a pretty safe option.

  • i have a tragus in both ears, it's a different pain to normal piercings because it's such thick cartilage but to me they didn't really hurt. hard to hide them though! just try convince them first :) I've had mine for 2 years and still love them!

  • Get it, its cute! My sister has one and I love it on her. The only reason why I don't have one is because I have my cartilage pierced so for me I think that would be doing too much but other than that I would definitely get it.

    • If my parents wouldn't be so against it, I would've had it already, lol.

    • Hmm? Well the one in the link is tiny, ask them if they would approve of something that size?

    • It's not the size that matters (lol), it's the fact that I got it pierced. They totally hate piercings, think it's for criminals, whatever, while I love piercings. I have just my lobes pierced and a second one in my left ear.

  • It's YOUR body.

    YOU will pay for that.

    and YOU want it.

    BUT... you still live in your parents house.

    you can try to hide it but sooner or later they will find out. I know a bunch of parents that may threaten to kick out their kids if they don't take it out. you just have to figure out if your parents can go along with it in time or not.