Party and hair proplems need advice like NOW???

I'm going to a quinceanera today and I'm wearing a royal blue halted dress and on the bust line and straps are material flowers and royal blue pump open toed sandals and I have medium length dirty blond hair and I need an easy hairstyle to do that will look cute and note my hair doesn't curl at all so yea thanks for any suggestions


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  • well if it's a halter dress you want to show off that stunning back! so put it into a messy ponytail, then swirl the hair around the hairtie and use bobby pins to pin it into a bun? does that make sense?

    • Mabey yuu can try this: get a little bit of your hair in the side at the front, braid those two and but it back so it looks like its like a crown or something ,and it does not go over your head !then after that your done its really quick and easy.! Hope it helps(: