Dressing well, but how can I avoid attention?

I don't dress up for class that often, I just don't have the time or I'd definitely put the extra effort in. My typical wardrobe is: Hoodie, tank top, jeans/yoga pants, converse or adidas flip flops, obviously nothing fancy or too put together.

But on the off chance that I do have time to put effort into my outfit (It isn't that often, but on occasion it happens) I tend to get a whole crap load of unwanted attention from both males and females both positive and negative. And it's not like I dress outlandishly or anything, I just wear a nice top, nice shoes, do my hair, little mascara, etc.

I'm pretty well known at my college because of sports and labs etc, but how can I either avoid the attention or ignore it better?


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  • ignore it. you can't look nice and not get a few looks...unless you stare at the ground and not notice


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  • I have no idea, unless you dress well so often that eventually no ones thinks differently.

  • You can't avoid the attention

    You can't control what people do.

    Best thing would be to ignore them

    If you wanna dress nice. Then dress nice and don't care about what other people say


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  • Wear a skirt one day, enjoy the attention that's what I do.