Body hair - how short should it be trimmed?

I decided to trim my body hair today. Aside from sore skin from a little bit of pulling, it was fine. However, I wanted to know how short you think a guy should trim his body hair in various areas?

(Most specifically armpits, but other areas as well)


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  • I don't think you have to worry too much about the armpits. That's one place where pretty much everyone agrees that it's standard for a guy to have hair on his body and not think much about removing it. Once it gets completely out of control, (maybe twice a year or so) you can grab a pair of scissors, lift your arm up, and just take two good snips at it and it's back to normal. There's no need to make it a production.


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  • Ugh. This is ridiculous. Unless it's for sports, I don't think I would date a guy who messes with his body hair. It's too feminine. I'm the girl, I don't need or want a boyfriend who isn't confident with himself. That aside, I think it's hot. Manly men don't shave anything but the face.

  • always remember, you have to trim the bushes to make the tree look good.

  • as sort as possible, I prefer all shaven on my guys if possible. on arms, I'll be a little lenient and say about an inche, as well as on legs. down south, preferably shaved.

  • My boyfriend hates hair so he puts a guard on his hair clipper and does his legs with it to cut the curls off, so his leg hair is still there, but not all over the place. he also does this with his underarms. he shaves the hair off of his arms. his happy trail is svaved to a very thin line. NO pubic hair! he also has me clean up his hairline on his neck with a razor. I think this is perfect! hope it helps!


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  • Whats up with all these guys shaving hair? Christ, is it a hip new thing to be feminized? Grow a set and have hair where god put it on ya fellas! I understand TRIMMING the pubes, because no one likes going down on a bonzi tree, but legs? Armpits? Come on, unless you Michael Phellps don't be a douch. God.

    • Ha. I'm trimming down there and the armpits, and I'm not about to shave either.

    • Hahah... I was kinda thinking the same thing to be honest

  • I trim mine with a haircut trimmer, I usually go for like a #2 on the armpits and pube stash, trimming makes it look cleaner and what not, for the shaft I shave all of the hairs on it and also on the testicles.

    As for belly hair, and lower back hair I trim with a #1. Legs I used to shave but then stopped and the hair grew so much thicker, so I got a full leg wax and let them grow naturally from that so they look good now.

    Its up to you and girls have different preferences. :)

    • Be careful around the pubic areas, especially the testicles lol

  • Im thinkin just a trim to everything, really its to be on the safe side unless your girlfriend wants you any other way I think its best to go with her.

  • trim eveything but dnt shave unless its on yo bak because no1 would ever find that attractive.

    maybeches butos girsdnt mind it too much so ya

  • Why waste your time trimming when shaving is so much easier and better. You'll find out it is much cleaner to not have armpit hair.