Am I wearing too much make up or enough?

I usually put on foundation and a little bronzer with black eyeliner, a neutral color eyeshadow and mascara with chapstick. The reason I wear the foundation and bronzer is because my face naturally is really pale and a little red, and the foundation covers it with the powder making me look more natural...

do guys prefer if girls wear more make up?


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  • A picture would help. I am not sure about the foundation thing. That might be an extra.

    • I swear I don't wear a lot of foundation! just a few spots to cover up the red :)

  • less...I don't like foundation & bronzer..o.O

    • a little foundation just to cover any red spots, and when I say bronzer I don't wear it like most girls do where they look orange... its a light shade bronzer that just blends my face more with my natural skin

    • guess I would have to see it.i did not know that foundation even came as powder until might look just like tattoos...female skin is AWESOME and is so wonderful that it is a shame to cover it up or disfigure it..o.O

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