Girl I liked looking at me now?

So I really liked this girl.. and still do I guess. But we don't talk hardly at all anymore, but we see each other out at parties and stuff. Well last night I was at the bar and she was there. I was talking to another girl and noticed she was looking at me, like multiple times. Then I went over to talk to a guy friend of mine.. and noticed she looked over at me again multiple times..

I mean.. this girl knows I really like her, I've told her how amazing she is. What does this mean? And should I have gone and talked to her?


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What Girls Said 1

  • If I don't like a guy it's a different kind of look and they'll notice the difference between the "you're a hottie" look and "that guy better stay over there" look. We try to be sneaky and look over randomly in hopes that you guys won't catch us but I think that you guys feel us looking at you and we always get caught :) Go talk to her next time for sure.


What Guys Said 1

  • Means she likes you if she's looking at you that much, and I think you should of gone and talked to her.