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Girls, do you actually like wearing leggings / yoga pants?

Don't get me wrong, I'm NOT complaining, but can they really be that comfortable? To me they look uncomfortable and not very warm, when they're worn... Show More

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  • To me they are incredibly comfortable, I wear them all the time. However how I wear them changes frequently, sometimes with a long top/cardi, sometimes not, sometimes with a skirt/ short shorts. I also wear jeggings quite a lot too as they look like jeans but they don't stretch. Thinking about it I actually do have a preference for tight clothing in general (I wear body con skirts and dresses an not a lot of flowy stuff). I'm aware some people do look, but that's fine, I like my legs. It's not really about the attention for me, it's more about fashion. I think they look good

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  • I love wearing them; I wear them every day. I'll wear jeans to class and then change in to leggings or my dance pants to be comfortable. They're soft and they shape to your body; there's nothing uncomfortable about them! It's almost like not wearing pants at all.

  • Yes.

  • I don't mind wearing leggings with a skirt over. But I haven't for awhile (more a fall thing in my opinion). Yoga pants not so much. I'd rather wear shorts.

  • That's practically all I wear! I hate regular pants so I generally opt for leggings with a skirt, or yoga pants for a lazy day.

    A lot of how they look on a woman depends on which ones you get. Some are made of thicker material than others that help shape your body, and others are the cheapo kind that are so ridiculously thin and tight that they shouldn't be worn without another article of clothing on over.

    Overall they're awesome

  • leggings - no

    yoga pants - YES! comfiest pants ever!

  • I find them majorly comfortable, plus they go with a lot of things. Meh no I'm never going to stop wearing my turtle shell backpack :p

  • They're very comfortable. I think a lot of younger girls do it for the attention but once your over the early teenage stage of wanting guys to see how awesome your ass is, you just wear em cause they make you feel good. But I do think that they shouldn't be the only thing a girl wears. Jeans, dresses, skirts and other types of bottoms can be flattering too!

  • i find them pretty comfortable, and easy to match with almost anything. I dotn wear them in the dead of winter.. because as you said they aren't really that warm. (about the same as jeans) also I'm not insecure about my body and I wear what I want regardless if men look at me or not. (lol). yes it is like a second skin, but If men get turned on by it so be it, they can look if they want to. But I don't wear yoga pants just for the benefit of guys, so I don't worry about that.

  • Leggings suck and are not comfortable. They give you major wedgies and camel toe.

    Yoga pants can be extremely comfortable and flattering if you find the right ones.

    • hmm, I didn't even know there was a difference, always thought they were just different terms for the same thing.

    • Leggings are tight to your skin - kind of like a thick (winter version) of pantyhose.

      Yoga pants are made out of strechier fabric and they are the pants you see the hot girls wearing at the gym, or see dancers wear. They also make a chick's ass look fantastic.

  • i don't like wearing them simply because I don't consider them pants,unless you're working out or you have a really long shirt. but,as far as comfort goes-they're very comfortable (it's like being naked) and warm

  • Leggings and yoga pants are super comfy but they aren't pants, yoga pants are for pj's or the gym and leggings are for pj's, the gym or to wear under a skirt or long top. In my eyes if they are worn in any other way they are tacky.

  • I call them ho 'pants'

  • They're definitely comfortable. They're so comfortable that I wear them to bed. Way better than pajamas imo. But I do not feel comfortable wearing them outside of the house. They're too revealing so I don't want anyone looking at my body. I don't want that kind of attention.

  • yeah I find them very comfortable & they fit me well..imo

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  • Dude, yoga pants are like the push up bras of the butt world. Every girls ass looks so much better when they are wearing yoga pants.

    Yoga pants are awesome!

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