Girls, do you actually like wearing leggings / yoga pants?

Don't get me wrong, I'm NOT complaining, but can they really be that comfortable? To me they look uncomfortable and not very warm, when they're worn mostly in winter. They also seem mentally uncomfortable to wear, I know I wouldn't want every one I saw to have the opportunity to see more or less... Show More

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  • To me they are incredibly comfortable, I wear them all the time. However how I wear them changes frequently, sometimes with a long top/cardi, sometimes not, sometimes with a skirt/ short shorts. I also wear jeggings quite a lot too as they look like jeans but they don't stretch. Thinking about it I actually do have a preference for tight clothing in general (I wear body con skirts and dresses an not a lot of flowy stuff). I'm aware some people do look, but that's fine, I like my legs. It's not really about the attention for me, it's more about fashion. I think they look good