Why wear revealing clothes and then get shy if someone ogles at you?

Well.. first, why do girls wear revealing clothes, for example dresses showing large parts of boobs or showing big cleavages, skin tight clothes, short mini skirts showing panties if they bend and revealing party dresses? is it to attract guys? it is to seek attention?

Second, why most of these girls get shy and try to adjust their clothes (or at least it seems the way they act), if they see a guy gazing at their "beauty"?


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  • maybe they're just wearing those clothes because they like them. Not every girl dresses for the express reason of pleasing the opposite gender.

    Then again if a girl is wearing a miniskirt that shows her panties it's probably because she wants attention from guys... maybe she gets "shy" because the guy looking at her isn't the one she was intending to attract? not really sure


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  • because when were old we have to wear loose clothing why not flaunt it when you got the figure?

    its not always for attention for some that's what makes them feel good about themselves and feel pretty sexy cleavage and skin tight clothes

    maybe they didn't realize the response they would get... and what may be sexy for a guy may just be normal for a girl ...

    i hope that helped a bit


  • I don't cover up and I have no idea why other girls do that!

  • I don't mind guys looking at me when I'm wearing revealing clothes.


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