How often would you like you girl to wear lingerie?

I wear it every few months. I don't wear it all the time because I like the surprise and I don't want it to get old.


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  • I say just mix things up a little. You can wear lingerie as much as you like. Whatever you wear though, just mix it up a little. My girlfriend wears a wide variety of panties and bras. Could be lacy or cotton or satin. Could be anything from a g-string to boy shorts. I like the variety.

    • I wear all different kinds of panties and bras I meant more like corsets and things of that manner.

    • Oh I figure that's what you meant. I'm just saying in between stuff like corsets, garters, and whatever else, you could add variety if you didn't already. But yes, what you're doing sound great. Just surprise him with the really fancy stuff whenever you think feels right.

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