Do women like guys with thin legs?

I wonder since I don't go out in shorts that much unless it's really hot outside.


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  • Not usually, I remember how my mother would stare when David Beckham's underwear commercial would come on. She only cared for those lovely, muscular legs. And that's a moderately popular opinion.

    Don't get me wrong, though. There's someone for every type of person with every type of build, so there's some women out there who think it's sexy. Show them off and you'll find out which ones!

    • Hmm I don't think I've ever had any women say anything directly about my legs so far that I can remember.

    • In my experiences, meaning myself and women I know, we don't comment on anything unless it's exceptional is some way, either good or bad. Perhaps your legs are simply average. If you're a thin man overall, having thin legs would fit and probably wouldn't register as good legs or bad legs, just legs. That goes for most any other part of the body. I hope that makes sense, in my head it does. haha


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  • it depends what you mean by thin legs. if they're thin but defined, it can be hot. if they're just skinny, as in no fat and no muscle, just skin and bones, more or less, it's not that nice. on the other hand, you can't do anything about it really, maybe try building muscle, but other than that, just wear your shorts and see which girl gives you the come hither look

    • I don't gain much weight do to my high metabolism

    • another reason why you should just flaunt what you have (or in your case: don't have) and find those girls that like it - there will be plenty. everyone has a fetish

  • It's not a turn on. But not necessarily a turn off.

  • ewww no!


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