Getting consistent hair

I'm pretty tired of fighting with my hair throughout the day. But I don't know where to get started identifying hair type (all I can say is it's mostly straight, sort of thick ,doesn't stay in place if I run something through it), what kind of products to look for, really anything. What's there to do?


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  • is your hair long or short?

    have you tried asking your stylist to thin it out? sometimes that helps to get rid of the thickness.

    you can use gel.

    or wax.

    or a smoothing cream. it just depends on how you have your hair.


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  • i'd say shockwaves wax would help


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  • Do you do anything to your hair? Hair, as straight and bushy as it is, can be trained. My faux hawk does itself now after 3 months of making a pyramid out of my hair.

    If your hair is really strong, try pomade. If it's just a little bothersome, try gel. Don't use too much of whatever you use or else it'll weigh your hair down, look like you used too much product, and make it harder to train. Train that hair, son!