Girls, are you really a reflection of your man?

On an old episode of Married With Children, Peg is getting dressed for a wedding with Al and says that she's a reflection of him and she wants to make sure she looks good for him. She asks him which pair of shoes he likes better, he gives her his answer, and she winds up going with the other (please, girls, don't do this as it makes us feel like our opinions don't matter).

Is this true, are you really a reflection of your man? Do you try to look good for him..


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  • Men think this moreso than women. Women see themselves as themselves, men see them as a symbol of their own success and status in relation to other men. Many men really see women more as fun accessories than real human beings, even good men. There are some women do do this too.


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  • Just because he likes those silver pump heels does not mean it will go with the dress.. It's just nice to know what he likes. - That doesn't mean I'm are exlcuding his opinion. I might just wear his favorite high heels in bed. xD

    Also, of course I want to look good for my boyfriend. - It depends on our plan for the day and what matches where we're going. Although, it's just not only for him but for myself.

  • yeah I mean if you really love your man you wanna look your best for him..and well we are kind of confusing on that matter because dressing good for him doesn't always mean wear what he likes best or he wants..we ask your opinion but its our final choice..:)


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