Guys and girls - hair question?

i have naturally brownish hair , but for the summer I wanna do a change. I refuse to dye my hair, and am thinking of just adding an extension (from the salon, with the glue? I don't know what they do) of dark cherry red in my hair... does that look or sound weird?


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  • The glue way can ruin your hair, make the roots split and leave you with a straggly hair line. I'd just leave it be, sounds like it would look a bit strange having a natural color then just glued in reddy brown chunks. Just leave it or try some clip on extensions first to see how they look and if you're happy with that outcome, go from there.

  • If it's a good/right color red I think it sounds fine. But extensions from the salon are super super super expensive. You can get clip ins that are still pretty good for cheap.