How can I get rid of my stretch marks

Okay I have stretch marks that are kinda dark red because I used to be bigger and then I lost weight so now I have a nicer stomach but with dark red stretch marks and they make my stomach look bad.. so can you tell me how I can get rid of them? Also, how long would it take and how much would I spend?


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  • I can't answer 2 at all because it'll just depend per person.

    As for getting rid of them, don't go thinking you can make them disappear completely. You can lighten them, and MAYBE make them go away.

    Use coco butter and a lotion with vitamin E. These two things are what I've heard over an over again.

    I really don't know if I trust any of these products out there that claim to remove stretch marks. I tried one called "Stretch Away" that cost $60 and didn't do anything. (I have stretch marks from my growth spurt.) They are also charging like $100 or more for these new products out there. Two of them had free trails, sending you two months of stuff, but if the stretch marks are supposed to be gone in 25 days why do you need 60 days worth of the stuff?

    Good luck. If you find something that really works report back.

    Sorry my answer wasn't all that great.


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  • Coco Butter actually works very well and it also doesn't cost a lot. Wal-Mart has a little jar of it, and if you look at it, it really looks like butter. Very greasy stuff too,.. but my girl uses it on everything, and it really seems to help.

    Now,.. there are other things that you can try, and your doctor would probably be the best to ask as there also may be things that you can do with your diet.

    But really stretch marks never completely go away, and it can take time for them to fade. But you really should keep a lot of vitamin E on there, and coco butter.

    Hope this helps.

  • Well you can not get rid of stretch marks because the skin is stretched from the inside, however, you can make them look better and shrink by putting on vitamin e oil or liquid. you must but them on everyday. In time, the redness will disappear and they will not be a noticeable.


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  • Congratulations on losing weight! Unfortunately, it takes a long time for stretch marks to fade, and they will probably always be at least semi-visible. Vitamin-E is good for reducing the appearance of stretch marks, and there are plenty of lotions and creams that are fairly cheap but do the job all right. If you religiously slather on whatever concoction you choose, you should expect an improvement within 6 months.

  • Stretch marks don't go away they can fade though into silvery kinda colour marks but there's nothing you can do get rid of them.. buy bio oil it helps them fade to the silvery colour also fake tan can help them look better