Tips on being holiday beauty?

I have my first holiday with my boyfriend and I'm worried about looking good at the pool. I've got my body the way I wanted but I can't not wear make up as I really hate it. As I get spots. Any tips or makeup advice for by the pool?


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  • For foundation, this is a bit tricky... I hear the MAC Face and Body is a good waterproof foundation but as I've never personally used it I can't tell you how well it holds up. I highly doubt there is any foundation out there you can swim with and do you really want to pass up on having fun swimming and playing in the water on your vacation?

    If you're really insecure about your spots, either put the products to the test before you actually leave or try bringing the attention to your eyes instead.

    Just apply any of these pencils in a bright color like Turquoise or a soft, shimmery one like Champagne all over the lid: link

    Now for the most important part! To make sure that doesn't smear or smudge even if you go for a swim, you need to apply something like this: link right over it. What it does is it transforms powders or creams to create a waterproof, smearproof finish. This product is absolutely vital if you want to wear eye makeup to the pool!

    Then to make your eyes pop even more, take a shimmer or glitter (something like this: link to match the color you've just applied over your lid. Mix a bit of it with the Aqua Seal and apply it to your lashline as thick or thin as you want it using an eyeliner brush.

    You can also dip your brush into a bit of the Aqua Seal before dipping it into your gel liner to make it completely waterproof .

    Of course you'll also need a mascara but I'm sure you already have your favorite waterproof one.

    That's about all I can think of but I hope you'll enjoy your holiday, makeup or no makeup.


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  • Youont need makeup by the pool, and most girls look great when a little tanned with no makeup anyway, so don't worry, I am sure he's gonna be in awe of your talents,x


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  • if you really want to wear make up there is water proof make up, and if you are going to wear eyeshadow, pick a nutral color that highlights you eyes and apply a little patrolium jelly to were the eyshadow is and you will have water proof eye shadow that stays looking great

  • if you really want to wear make up, they make waterproof concealer and foundation

    just look around online