If a girl wears a ring on her left hand would you approach and flirt?

I've been wearing a ring(a golden band with crystals on them) on my left hand for the past year or so just because I like wearing rings..and no other reason. And sometimes I've noticed that guys would look at me like they're interested but not approach me. maybe its the ring?

guys: do seeing rings on girls stop you from approaching/flirting with them? :P


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  • depends on the guy, a lot of women get engauged or married but then break up or get divorced it is good sens this day and age ask if they are attached because a lot of them just keep wearing the ring. me specificaly no, I wouls still start a conversation but one of my first questions would be about the ring.


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  • If it is on your ring finger, I wouldn't flirt even. Means to me you have something going with some. Years ago, I went with gal who had rings on 7 fingers and both thumbs, but ring finger was bare.

    But that is just me.

  • If it's on your ring-finger then yeah, it means you're off-limits. Any other finger though and it should be obvious that it's just something to look pretty with.


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  • @Mtsmith: But she wore one on her right-hand ring finger? Isn't that one taboo also?