Is it wise not to date?

i am excess hairy guy, and hence I never date or even talk to girls unnecessarily. I feel they will hate me and make fun of my extra body hair. Is it right to avoid them?


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  • What exactly do you consider excess? My fiance is also very self conscious because of all the perfectly groomed boys around now no matter how much I tell him I want a man not a boy

    • excess means LOTS of dark hairs on arms,legs,chest,stomach...and even shoulders/upper arm. :-( . It is excess and gross . Agree?

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    • You sound exactly like my s.o. No matter how much I try to tell him a little bit of chest hair on an open shirt is damn hot. The amount of hair you've described sounds perfectly fine to me too. There are women like me out there but its portrayed by the media as though there isn't. We all have our securities, I know I have plenty.

    • I really don't think you need to worry about it, the right girl isn't really going to care! :) if it makes you uncomfortable, it's perfectly fine to lose some of it, but I'd say don't worry about it. A lot of women find it attractive when men have some hair, so don't stress it. ;)

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  • If it makes you unhappy to not be dating and trying to talk to girls then no it's a terrible idea to avoid them. There are some women out there who don't care about excess body hair, and you can hope to meet one of them.

    However as I'm sure you're already aware (seeing as it makes you too self conscious to talk to women) for a lot of them (myself included) it is a turn off. There's nothing wrong with waxing, shaving, laser hair removal, or hair removal creams to smooth things out. It's something you can easily get rid of, in turn boosting confidence and talking up all the ladies you want. :)

  • you could remove the hair if it makes you self conscious? I'm sure it won't matter though some girls will find it manly and attractive.


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  • Robin Williams is one of the hairiest men alive. It's never bothered him.

    This is all in your mind.