Do guys get turned on while checking out an attractive girl?

OK, so I had a hot security guard is his early 20s checking me out each time I got up to walk. He will follow me with his eyes with a normal expression on his face and my friends have noticed this. He does it as if he can't help to stare but with a normal facial expression as if he was distracted. Then from a distance I caught him covering himself down below not like obviously covering down there but like crossing his arms like making it seem it's crossing his arms but covering below. I don't know how to explain.


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  • It's not impossible. but it would usually mean he's starring at the parts of you that turn him on. perhaps you wore a sexy dress that accentuated your legs or rear end? a nice long stare would certainly get the imagination going and the blood flowing.


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  • yeah horny bastards :D

  • I would figure that they would. I guess it would be the same way that a female acts if she notices a hot guy. Females get turned on by hot guys, so why wouldn't guys get turned on if they notice a girl?