Is this weird?

I wear guy underwear no joke. I have spiderman briefs. Haha. But like I find it so much more comfortable and they fit me better. Like I have a big ass for my size. I'm really tiny and my butt is just big compared to the rest of me. I have slim hips too. For underwear I still have to wear girls sizes. Now, if I get 12s my ass hangs out the bottom and I get huge panty lines. If I get 14s sure my but gets covered but it bunches in the front. I've tried thongs but they're quite uncomfortable. One day my friends brother got new spiderman underwear. It had yet to be opened and I was messing around and took a pair out and put them on and they were so comfortable. I still have them and I love them since they are so comfortable. Is it weird? Would it be a turn-off?


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  • well considering how you said

    that your "butt is just big".. I don't

    think a lot of guys would be turned off


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  • omg I never thought of that bcuz girls underwear can be very itchy and uncomfortable I might just try it =] nah it wouldn't be like if they were themed ones like that but the ones you see felas wearing like calvin kleins would be a bit odd

  • ha ha, that's actually cute :)

  • Haha, that could be the start of a new trend. :)

    • Haha that'd be quite interesting