Do bad boys love good girls?

do bad ass guys love good, well established girls...?

the guy I like smokes, goes out to drink, clubbing, drives manly cars, can be judgmental, flirts with girls, rates them too...hangs out with girls who also smoke, wear short skirts they look slutty...

but with me, he's more "'warmer" a good girl, I study, like to read, get good grades, I go out have fun with friends (shopping, exploring, going to the park), I make him laugh, he stares at me a lot and he has this twinkle in his eyes, he asks me random personal questions like do I have a bf, who do I want to be with, do I curse? or have I drank done weed before?, its like I amaze him that I can be such a good simple girl yet who is happy and is having fun in life too.. I have a great personality and I'm laid back too its just the way I am...

do you think he likes me? do most bad men always want a well rounded woman?


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  • For how many weeks, months or years will he like you? If he settles with you, how soon will he regret his "wild years" and be longing to be wild (=young) again? (nostalgia is not what is was before LOL)

    If he doesn't right away, he will regret those years at his first sign of ageing. Just give him 10 more years of perceived fake freedom before hoping he will really want to settle down and found a family. Yep, most bad guys end up with a rounded woman and also end up dreaming about those good old times they had. Not much of a problem if hey have the brains to restrict it to dreaming. He might just consider home to be a prison.


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  • Ah, don't allow yourself to plunge head-first into the age-old trap of "taming the wild beast", that contains the rotting corpses of so many other well-intentioned, if delusional, women. I have a cousin who is the national "poster child" for the men that you speak of, and his hometown is a veritable foster home for women of every age and social class, that have attempted his "taming", only to wander through what remains of their lives mumbling and unaccountably counting their fingers. I suppose the ultimate redemptiion of your intended target, and a long, happy life together, is a remote possibility, but go into it with your eyes wide open. Don't say I didn't warn ya, though. All the best!


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  • Yes. I think he likes you. It's obvious! And yeah bad ass guys like established girls. it's different to them. Not all guys want the loud and wild type girls. Your exactly like me. I love to write, read, get good grades in school. I'm a girly girl and my ex was a bad ass but he liked me for me. He hated ghetto girls. so to answer your question, guys do like more of the well rounded girls. It's a turn on to them.

  • yea he likes you difinitely...he just probably doesn't kno are you ready for his type...

    bad guys like mostly good girls or well rounded woman, just like us sometimes we like to take some of the bad guys b4 the good ones...well I'll speck for ma self...TWO HOT-HEADS DNT WORK OUT ALL THA TIME! LOL