Girls would you want to do a trash the dress type thing?

Like this link (skip to 0:50) They do it for prom,weddings and quniceaneras. Would you ever do it, either for a professiona shoot like in the video or just for fun?


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  • I would so do that! But, I wouldn't do it in a dress that pink lol

    I would want to do it for fun and for the professional photographs...and I would even want to be the photographer, too. I so want to shoot a girl doing this now haha

    • The dress is really pink but I love how it looks. Your really excited about the idea, nice.

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    • haha cool :)))

    • Thanks.


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  • If I was going to trash a dress I wouldn't just sit in some water.. I'd rip it off, burn it, throw paint at it.. or just go to a holi festival somewhere link

    • On other videos I have seen them throw paint on it/play in mud. I guess you could rip it or burn it, but that would be hard to do with you it the dress,lol. The holi festival looks fun.

    • What did you think of the videos?

  • Yeah when I get a divorce.

    • Well, it will be something to do.

  • Everyone will have different choice, I will select the color of happiness, so that we can feel happiness and joy, honeybuy brings me so good feeling, bless you

  • I would do it to my prom dress I wore prom 2009. Its so mom picked it out for me :-/

  • not with a dress I had to pay for

    • So, if you got the dress for free you would do it?

    • maybe, but it still kinda seems like a waste to me

  • Nah

    My mom would kill me before she'd let me do that lmao

    She insists on donating my dresses to I guess uh, goodwill?(is that what it's called?)

    My wedding dress I'd keep forever and ever and ever and ever. Mostly because I don't plan on getting married so if I do get married, I obviously loveeeeee him and might as well save that ish


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