Do guys check out ugly girls too?

There is this guy that I have known for years but we hate each other. From the beginning we never got along so when were with friends and were both there we just say hi, and that's it. No conversation. I can tell he is not huge fan of me, we have gotten into an argument years ago over stupid stuff. So I went to the same party all our friends were going to, and as I was walking in he was on the other side of the room across from me, so I was walking across to get to the other side, and I realized I saw him look at me up and down. I don't know why? Was my outfit ugly? I really don't think he finds me attractive at all. I in all honesty think he stopped talking to me or started hating me because he "thought" I liked him at one point... (I never liked him, I just thought he was cute, but people told him I liked him) This was when I was like 13 and he was like 18.


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  • He thought you were a heinous bitch, yes.

    He never said you were ugly.

    • :-( I already know I'm not the most attractive girl in the room!

    • Yeah, but that's because there are some pretty f***ing hot girls in the room.

      There are two types of girls that exist to a guy.

      Girls that he would have sex with under the right circumstances, and girls that he would not.

    • :-)


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  • Guys check all women out as long as there is something to be attracted to. For me a womans body can go along way. Also if a guys see you as a challenge he may make moves on you to test the waters. But to answer your question, yes they will still check out an ugly girl from time to time.

  • A guy may not like you but that doesn't mean he can't find you at least partly physically attractive. So he might have liked something he saw, because it's rare that a guy will spend time looking at something he doesn't like in some way.

    • I should be more specific. Basically a few years ago we used to be friends. He used to joke around with me as friends. Then, some jealous girls spreaded a rumor that I liked him. I had someone actually come up to my face and tell me "he doesn't like you" I said "okay?" he started treating me like crap after that, ignoring me, and calling me names. I keep my distance from him ever since. I only wanted to be friends, but other people ruined it. So I don't know or think he likes me?

    • Depending on what was told to him (for all anyone knows she could have told him something worse than "she likes you" that caused this behavior) his actions could be the sign of someone either fooled into thinking you said something bad about him or he's trying to use dismissive behavior to show that he doesn't reciprocate or have the same feelings for you. He might even still like you as a friend but not know how deeply he's hurting you.

    • I think that he was just trying to show me that he does not have the same feelings for me. Which is fine lmfao I never liked him like that in the first place! That's what annoys me. To lose a friend over nothing. He probably doesn't care anymore though to care how much it hurts me. I mean he doesn't have to be friends with me. But treating me like crap is not nessacary. I was just curious as to why he was checking me out... He recently broke up with his girlfriend too.

  • Yes, guys may check you out, even if you are not the hottest girl in the room. It's kind of what we do.

    • So what do they think if the girl is ugly?

    • Usually nothing negative. We just kind of keep looking at other girls.

  • Not me but I am sure other guys do

  • Briefly.

    As a general rule, guys check out *every* girl.


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