New to eyeliner and makeup in general...

I recently decided to try out eyeliner. I've been using a black pencil on my upper waterline and mascara. I got some comments on it, but most people can't see a difference. I wanna make my eyes look bigger, and I heard using white eyeliner does that? I heard you can put white on the bottom waterline only, or white on the bottom and black on the top waterline. What do you suggest? If it makes any difference, I have dark brown hair and lashes (black, really) and green eyes. Thanks guys(:


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  • Too much eyeliner can look cheap so be careful on how much you use


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  • dont put any eyeliner on the bottom and if you do just put it along the lash line as opposed to in the waterline. line all the way to the inside but use a light eyeshadow in the inner corner of your eye and right below your eyebrow on the brow bone. have the eyeliner get slightly thicker as you go to the outside of the eye. invest in an eyelash curler and a good mascara because they make the hugest difference. be sure to get the liner in between all the top eyelashes.